Not all insurance software is created Sequel

With powerful, flexible software and responsive services, we’re helping to drive the success of many of the London Market’s fastest-growing insurance and reinsurance specialists.

Intuitive usability

Transform the way you work with our innovative, visually attractive and easy-to-use applications. Drill down from wide-view to deep dive in moments – with large amounts of data viewable in real-time.

Perfectly sized solutions

Whether you need a modular solution or an all-inclusive end-to-end system, you'll enjoy the same world-leading quality. And with open APIs, integration with new and existing solutions is simple and straightforward.

Our R&D commitment

Our vision is to make every process, in every branch of insurance, simpler and faster. And with substantial investment behind us, we're fast turning our roadmap into reality.

World class delivery and training

With their many years of experience, our technical people have an intuitive understanding of your requirements. That includes the way we train your people to utilise the software's full potential. And of course, our dedicated support team is always just a click or a phone call away.