Sequel Broking

The one-stop solution for insurance and reinsurance brokers

Sequel Broking is the complete package, from placement and billing to claims management and technical accounting. And it’s wrapped up with flexible document production, configurable workflows and fast, real-time access to management information (MI).

Exceptional efficiency, flexibility and transparency:

  • A complete solution for insurance and reinsurance brokers operating across the Lloyd’s, Companies and international (re)insurance markets
  • Integrate processes, management information and compliance, right across your business
  • Manage complex risks including vertical placement and subscription business
  • Generate reports instantly, so you can make decisions quickly and confidently
  • Improve security with role-based access
  • Improve operational efficiency and control through better process management
  • Enjoy rigorous credit control and financial management

Take advantage of:

  • Full Ruschlikon electronic accounting support
  • Menu system and checklists for optimised workflows
  • Real-time access to management information
  • The ability to cope with complex and non-standard policy information formats
  • Claims management
  • Multi-currency, pay-as-paid, principal-to-principal, ‘atomised’ accounting and processing
  • Diary and email alerting
  • Full audit trail
  • MS Word-based document generation with comprehensive clause library
  • Integration with Hubs, Gateways, Exchanges or any other system
  • Open Market, Binding Authorities, Facultative & Treaties, X/L Programmes, Packages
  • Vertical Placement, Sectionalisation, Schedules
  • Market Security
  • (Re)insurance Ledger, Account Management, Currency Deals, Cash Splitting
  • Market Messaging
  • Configurable Workflow
  • Checklists & Compliance
  • Web Services


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Sequel offer innovative service oriented solutions, built to leverage the scale and robustness of the Microsoft stack.

We always prefer open standards in web technology and services, including HTML5 and Mobile technology.

Applications are built in a hosting-agnostic way so they can be supported in our secure geo-centric cloud or on-premise within your own estate.

Sequel Managed Services

A fully hosted cloud-based alternative

If you’d prefer a fixed price, internet-enabled solution, with no need for your own in-house support, our Managed Service offers you secure access to the Sequel application of your choice. We manage all the maintenance and upgrading of the required hardware, software and infrastructure, so you can concentrate on simply growing your business.