Sequel Re

Management of Outward Reinsurance just went real-time

Enjoy one end to end platform that covers every outwards reinsurance scenario. Experience the sheer flexibility, power and accuracy of Sequel Re in action as it blazes through your cession and recovery calculations and workflows.

From your simplest proportional facultative policy to your most complex excess of loss policy, Sequel Re handles everything with ease: from initial policy enquiry through to the calculation process, statementing and a full reinsurance ledger.

The ground-breaking Sequel Products, Impact, Claims and Re are all available as stand-alone products or as part of the end to end Eclipse Solution

More power, flexibility and accuracy

  • Manage the entire reinsurance process from initial policy enquiry through to credit control and cash management
  • Cover the full suite of reinsurance policies (facultative, proportional treaty, and non-proportional contracts)
  • Calculate your recoveries with unprecedented accuracy
  • Investigate your reinsurance transactions with finer granularity than any other system on the market
  • Model any of the rules involved
  • Execute operations as and when you want – allowing you to work the way you do best

Market-leading features

  • Proactive reinsurance workflow system
  • Flexible and powerful coverage rule and limit calculation engine
  • Standalone web front-end
  • Automated Premium cession, adjustment, and reinstatement processing
  • Focused data enrichment: Sequel Re tells you what additional data you need, only when you need it
  • Automated periodic statement generation in electronic and paper form, and proactive workflows for cash calls and loss advices
  • Powerful credit control, including notification of overdue statements and two-way LORS integration with automatic cash allocation
  • Extremely granular transactions in original, settlement, and limit currency allowing for very flexible downstream reporting
  • Full audit history of all changes, calculations, and limit erosion


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Sequel offer innovative service oriented solutions, built to leverage the scale and robustness of the Microsoft stack.

We always prefer open standards in web technology and services, including HTML5 and Mobile technology.

Applications are built in a hosting-agnostic way so they can be supported in our secure geo-centric cloud or on-premise within your own estate.

Sequel Managed Services

A fully hosted cloud-based alternative

If you’d prefer a fixed price, internet-enabled solution, with no need for your own in-house support, our Managed Service offers you secure access to the Sequel application of your choice. We manage all the maintenance and upgrading of the required hardware, software and infrastructure, so you can concentrate on simply growing your business.