Sequel Underwriting

Streamlined, end-to-end management of your insurance and reinsurance business

Boost efficiency. Increase compliance. Streamline the entire lifecycle of your insurance and reinsurance business, from underwriting and accounting to claims settlement and reinsurance.

Configure Sequel Underwriting to match the way you work and see massive efficiency gains – and a step change in the quality of your management information (MI).

Boost efficiency, increase compliance

  • Handle complex policy information quickly and accurately
  • Undertake credit control and financial management in multiple currencies
  • Apply role-based access controls for improved security and compliance
  • Automate reporting and production of management information
  • Make better, faster decisions, with powerful, real-time analysis tools

This one-stop solution includes:

  • Our revolutionary reinsurance and claims management modules, Sequel Re and Sequel Claims
  • Efficiency-enhancing workflows
  • Real-time access to management information
  • Powerful, flexible rating and earnings engine
  • Comprehensive functionality handles complexity systematically and accurately, including programmes, packages and multi-section business
  • Full audit trail
  • Full interoperability via a web service library
  • Lloyd’s, Companies & non–Bureau Business
  • Inwards & Outwards Reinsurance
  • Binders, Line Slips, Treaties, Programmes, XL, Fac Policies
  • (Re)insurance Ledger
  • Email Alerting
  • Checklists & Compliance
  • Integration with Hubs, Gateways, Exchanges and other systems


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Sequel offer innovative service oriented solutions, built to leverage the scale and robustness of the Microsoft stack.

We always prefer open standards in web technology and services, including HTML5 and Mobile technology.

Applications are built in a hosting-agnostic way so they can be supported in our secure geo-centric cloud or on-premise within your own estate.

Sequel Managed Services

A fully hosted alternative

Prefer a fixed price, SaaS solution, with no need for your own in-house support? Our Managed Service offers you secure access to the Sequel application of your choice – without having to opt for a cloud-based service. We manage all the maintenance and upgrading of the required hardware, software and infrastructure, so you can concentrate on simply growing your business.