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Sequel Blog: Fifty, and still counting: Sequel Impact celebrates a major milestone with its 50th client

Sequel Impact, the leading exposure management tool, celebrates its 50th client.

Sequel Impact, the leading exposure management tool, celebrates its 50th client. Sequel Impact enables underwriters to capture and aggregate complex exposures in a single view for a range of business lines, including cyber, terrorism and energy. This growth is set to continue as new entrants to the London Market and Sequel’s expansion in the US and Asia generate ongoing interest and demand.

It has been a dynamic six months for the Sequel Impact team. New implementations, including a record-breaking implementation within thirty days for Gallagher Specialty, continued roll-out across existing clients and an expansion of the lines of business supported have been achieved during this time.

Sequel Impact clients will also now benefit from integration with leading edge tools. Integration to AIR’s Touchstone for probabilistic modelling, Verisk Waterline for tackling flood exposure with high resolution data, and Swiss Re’s CatNet® API enables real-time multiple peril hazard data including earthquake, lightening and wind. By integrating AIR’s Touchstone, Verisk’s Waterline, and Swiss Re’s CatNet into the Sequel Impact platform, underwriters, and exposure managers have access to enhanced data and analytics that enables them to view and analyse risks in the context of their portfolios. The uncertain landscape of natural catastrophes clearly underscores the need for re/insurers to understand their exposures.

Ian Summers, CEO of Sequel, a Verisk business, assesses the success of Sequel Impact at this milestone. “As CEO I’m immensely proud of this achievement, but numbers only tell part of the story. We have an excellent set of clients who have engaged with us and provided valuable input and support not only in London, but internationally. For any insurance business today, exposure management and risk aggregation are business critical. A huge asset in the Sequel Impact story and one recognised by our clients is the experienced team lead by product head, Richard Smith. Companies often struggle to maintain their own resource in this specialist area of the market – a point made by a number of new clients whose decision-making was influenced by the breadth of expertise and experience within the team.” Summers then added, “no product survives by standing still, so we continue to invest in the development of Sequel Impact and to integrate Impact with other leading tools such as AIR’s Touchstone, Verisk’s Waterline, and Swiss Re’s CatNet®. Recognition of Sequel Impact looks set to continue judging by the interest in the US in particular, as Rob Stavrou and his team look to build out the Sequel business in that market.”

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Date: 01.04.2020 Posted by: Rob Stavrou