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Risk managers meet to map changing risk landscape

Risk managers will meet with the insurance industry in the Yorkshire resort of Harrogate next week for the annual AIRMIC conference.

This year’s conference theme is quite simply New world. New solutions. It is a topic that will resonate with both the insurance industry and its clients.

Businesses are living in a new world defined by the growing influence of technology,  creating new solutions to the challenges of operation, distribution and communication. These solutions come with new risks, but also new expectations and insurers need to respond to a range of changing demands.

Indeed as companies are challenged by the own clients to deliver greater responsiveness and to adapt to the ways in which clients require their goods and services delivered, so companies are asking the same questions and making the same demands from those to which they transfer their risks.

Risks are changing. Companies and their brokers are looking to the insurance industry to create and distribute solutions to these new threats quickly and efficiently. 

The success of Sequel Rulebook as a platform for the London market to quickly distribute their products communicate with the intermediaries and have the ability to change pricing and terms seamlessly highlights the industry’s recognition that we are living in a new world.

Sequel will be in Harrogate next week to explain to delegates its crucial role in the insurance industry’s effort to build its new world and its new solutions.

Date: 31.05.2019 Posted by: Rob Stavrou